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George V. Edwards has a reputation as one of the best portrait artists around. His portrait painting has a more recognizable likeness than most. Pet Portraits are a customer favorite and rate their own sample page.

Portrait Painting and more!

George V. Edwards does art styles in traditional mediums such as oil, pastel, and charcoal and photography as well as abstracts and digitally created works. Two pages on this website are dedicated to photography, one is portrait photography and the other is landscape/architectural.  Family portrait paintings and pet portraits are  favorites. Often the commission is created from a photograph supplied by the customer, usually of people, but  frequently of pets, also landscapes (like photos taken on vacation), houses, cars, and boats, or whatever the customer has an idea for. Oil Paintings start at $400, Pastels at $250, Charcoals at $130. There are sample pages for each type, click on the page name above. The artist also may be hired to sketch caricatures at parties and other types of events, just click on the "Caricatures" heading above. For photography services prices contact the artist, it varies with the type of work desired and location.

To Commission a work, email or send a photo with instructions. You can call 410 780 1931 to talk with the artist. Closeups work best for portraits. We can communicate with updated photos of the work in progress by email. Deposits to start work can be made by clicking on the  the Paypal "Donate" buttons found on each page, which have a box to fill in the amount desired instead of a "Buy Now" fixed price which occurs on the normal "Paypal" labeled button. This way a system of deposits and payments can be designed for a particular job, it is not a charity donation as some may be led to believe. 
Framing services also available: metal frames start at $70, wood at $90.

studio address: 58 Skipjack Ct., Baltimore, Md., 21221
studio: 410 780 1931
cell: 443 800 6931
Below is a pastel commission for a customer who requested a copy of a painting by the Renaissance artist Antonello da Messina. The work was 16x20" Prices vary for special requests, this one was $500. Show me your image to paint and we can negotiate a price.

Below is an oil painting in the corporate portrait style although in this case it is the head of a political party in a small African state. The size of 24x30 is $1000.  Oil paintings start at $350 for a 16x20 canvas. Framing is extra, depending on the style.

The above is the front page of a flyer I designed showing the photgraphs the paintings were made from.

Here are two pastel commissions painted from photographs supplied by the customer. Pastel portraits start
at $250 for a single face, $350 for a portrait of two people.

The portrait above is a done in Pastels. The size is 24x30 and was priced at $1000. It was commissioned by the pastor of a local church, The Holy Grounds Parish, in Essex, Maryland. Smaller sizes are available for less
Here are two oil painting samples done from photos of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy Jr. The canvas
size is 16x20 inches. Oil paintings start at $400. Work done by mail order will have additional shipping fees of
$30 to send in a specially constructed box. Work may be commissioned from photographs. The finished hand painted oil painting portrait also may be picked up at the artist's studio home address and payment is by cash, check, or Visa/Mastercard via PayPal on this website. Oil Paintings take about a month to complete.

Pet portraits are always a favorite with pet owners. Above is a pastel commission by the Zink family, a large 16x20(20z24 framed and matted) pastel for $500 (without frame). On the left below is "Braun's Dog", is a 16x20 inch oil painting on canvas done from the customer's photograph, the price is $400.  On the left is a pastel of 2 Chocolate Labradors, matted and framed the picture was large, 20x24 inches, as seen here without the framing it was a little smaller. The drawing was $350, framing extra.
The above images are two charcoal portraits done from photos. Click on the "Charcoals" button at the top of the page for more samples and info. 
Here are two caricatures done by the artist. Click on the "Caricature" button at the top of the page to see more caricatuers. Also see for info on hiring George to draw party caricatures at your event.

Use this PayPal button to make deposits or payments on work being performed. The Donate button differs from the regular PayPay button in that it allows you to choose the amount paid, the regular button requires a preset amount for the payment. It is not a charity button.

I am also affiliated with, a service which provides info about my services. For information and to see more samples of my work, go to:">Caricature
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