George V. Edwards                                   
Commission a portrait  from a photo, or  hire  the artist to sketch party caricatures, or  buy a print of the artists'  photos or original fractals images.   


Use the PayPal Donate button to make deposits or payments for work.
Party Caricatures are done from live subjects, very quickly in a loose style. The artist comes to your location for an event like a company picnic. birthday party, graduation party, wedding reception, etc. The rates are $60 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. Graphic Caricatures are done from photographs, which can be emailed to the artist; the process may take a period of days to do a drawing, ink it
in, then color it using a digital painting program.  Rates are $75 for one sent email, shipping and handling on
the actual work is $10 to send in a tube, Personal delivery of a work with a mat and backing board (16x20 ready to frame) is $120, with a dark grey metal frame $165.    
Below are samples of the artists work. The first two are the graphics style, digitally colored. Next are some hand colored drawn from life, and then some black and white caricatures as are usually done for the party caricature format. Drawn from life: "Erica", "Rob",:Herschal" "Two making pottery", "Five at a campfire", and "Bill". The rest
are done from photos.
Below are caricatures drawn live from party events. Usually I work in black and white to draw a larger number
of subjects as color takes longer.
   To make a payment on a commission, make a deposit ($30 or more, or pay in full) on a job, or buy a print, use the special PayPal Donate button, which allows you to enter the amount instead of a prearranged purchase price. Major credit cards are now accepted. Paypal will provide a printable receipt and when I receive notification from Paypal a payment has been made I will email a Letter of Confirmation/Receipt
detailing the work agreement, the amount deposited and the balance, if any.
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