George V. Edwards                                   
Commission a portrait  from a photo, or  hire  the artist to sketch party caricatures, or  buy a print of the artists'  photos or original fractals images.   


Use the PayPal Donate button to make deposits or payments for work.
The charcoal below was a commission from a girl who had this idea for a drawing of her on the beach
using all three photographs of her in different positions; one of just her face smiling, one with her cat,
and one on the sand. I thought it was a great idea, and tried to have transparent areas where one image
can be seen through to part of another image.
      Here are some charcoal commissions. The Sowell family, a soldier in uniform, and two pet dogs. Each was 
      from photographs supplied by the customer, sometimes the photographs are in color, sometimes
      in black and white. The family of three was a large 20x24 size for $300. The single charcoal of a face fits                    nicely into a 16x20 frame when custom matted, the drawing is $130 for a person, $115 for a pet.
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