George V. Edwards                                   
Commission a portrait  from a photo, or  hire  the artist to sketch party caricatures, or  buy a print of the artists'  photos or original fractals images.   


Use the PayPay Donate button for deposits or payments for work.                                                            

     Here are some pastel reproductions of commissions. The pastel of two people is $350, a single face or pet 
     is $200. The pastel of two people fills a 20x24 frame nicely, or a larger frame depending on the width of  the        matting chosen. The single head pastels will fit a 16x20 or larger in the same fashion. Pastels have a softer       look  that some people prefer. Pastel paintings are done on a special paper  imported from France                        for pastel painting. They should be matted and framed under glass.     
The above pastel was $500 for full colored background idea, and added torso on the child. The childs father had passed away, and the idea was to show him sort of watching over her, like he was in heaven. All they had was a small, indistinct photo of the man. A good detailed photo of the girl was available. I did research on clouds and picked several cloud images to get shapes for the background clouds. The final size was 20x24 after matting and framing. I did not scan the final like many of my samples here, but they sent me a snapshot upon my request. 
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