George V. Edwards                                   
Commission a portrait  from a photo, or  hire  the artist to sketch party caricatures, or  buy a print of the artists'  photos or original fractals images.   

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is done with Nikon D3200 24 megapixel camera with external flash with diffuser.
Rates vary with type of job, but are reasonable and flexible, a lot depends on ditstance, I will travel to your location as I do not have a photography studio. I am available for weddings, parties, events, family portraits, single portraits, indoor/outdoor. I will give a DVD with the photos on them, prints are available up to 13x19 inches. Currently I charge $75 for a job in the Baltimore area or Baltimore County. I will travel to DC, Northern Virginia, Southeastern PA, etc., and charge $36 travel expenses. You will get the photos downloaded to your computer when completed and I can send a DVD with the photos. I will do free post processing touch ups on 5 images. More is extra, as is printing and framing if desired.

Below, a closeup portrait of Sylvia


The two photos below are from a family portrait job over the holidays. With 24 megapixels, the detail is extraordinary. You could make enlarged closeups of the faces with no problem.

The picture below is a boyfriend and girlfriend photo, "The Christmas Kiss"

A boyfriend and girlfriend posing with their dog.

Two portraits of Sherry, done at an outdoor location at a park.

Below: Model at a photo shoot.

Casual portraits of Bob on the left and John on the right, at an art gallery.

Here are some sample photos. Below left, with a vignette effect which can be added to any photo: Marlin playing flute in Sherwood Gardens, Baltimore Md., where the tulips bloom the first two weeks in April. On the right, Mr. Collins sings and plays guitar.

Above, Mrs. Collins, 84 years old. Right, a client's daughter.

A closeup below, the subject, a war veteran shows his medal.
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