George V. Edwards                                   
Commission a portrait  from a photo, or  hire  the artist to sketch party caricatures, or  buy a print of the artists'  photos or original fractals images.   

Religious Subjects

The drawing below is a charcoal, 16x20 commissioned for a lady by her husband who said she had been grieving over her mother who had passed. He gave me a photo of the the lady as a child, mainly because the only photo of her mother was when that would have been their respective ages. The motif was taken from a statue he had, and as I researched it I found it was based on a theme popular in the 19th century. There were several painted versions,
but they were anonymous. I was to replace the child's face and the angel's face with the lady as the child and her mother as the angel, the idea being that her mother is still watching over her.

  The image below is a pastel commission based on a Renaissance painting by Italian artist Antonello da Messina. The client gave me a print to copy from, I have done many commissions for this client. She often donates them to her church after a while.

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