A couple in color like the one above is $150 . The print size is up to 13x19 paper, since it is digital it can be resized as desired. My printer also does 11x17 paper and 11x14, 8x10. Larger sizes are possible, I send the file to a commercial printer for anything over 13x19.

About Gift Caricatures


Digital Color Print

Color Caricatures are done by first doing a light pencil drawing from a photo and an idea.


Pencil Drawing is inked in with a black marker.

Caricature is ready for print, if color is desired it can be added at this point. 

The black and white outline basic caricature would be $50, available as the original size hand inked caricature on paper, usuallly 11x14 or 11x17, or 14x17, it varies; or resized from a digital scan I make in print sizes mentioned above.


Hand inked version is scanned and digital color added with a painting program. In this case I added a photo I had taken of clouds as the background. The color version is $75, for each person. A double caricature in color would be $150.